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Dallas, TX, United States of America ( 22/03/2012, an informational website designed to provide insight and education to accredited investors about the opportunities available to them for investing in oil, has identified a unique opportunity for investors coming on the heals of the recent announcement regarding the surge in oil prices by the EIA. The surging prices of oil is an opportunity for American investors to respond by investing in oil to increase domestic supplies and contribute to the growth and stabilization of the American economy. has identified key potential risks to the American economy should growth slow, including uncontrolled increases in inflation and an unwelcome surge in unemployment rates, which have just recently begun to stabilize. Economic growth will slow, says, if America does not tap into its own resources and develop independence from foreign oil supplies. Alfred Marshall said, "Capital is that part of wealth which is devoted to obtaining further wealth." Accredited investors have the capital needed to take advantage of the current state of events by investing in oil.

For accredited investors who have been waiting for the right moment to consider investing in oil, believes that the combination of events has converged to offer a unique opportunity for investors investing in oil, and that now is the time to act. Investing in oil not only provides tangible and intangible tax and income benefits to accredited investors, but believes that right now, with the recently announced drastic increase in oil prices, investors are presented with an unusual opportunity to help make history.

Accredited investors interested in learning more about the unique opportunity presented by this convergence of events can visit for more information and to download a free investment guide.


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