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Pure Oasis Named The Success Story Of The Year By Marijuana Venture.Featured PR

Pure Oasis was called the success story of the year by Marijuana Venture in October of 2020.
Boston, Massachusetts, United States ( 27/10/2020
Pure Oasis, the first recreational cannabis store in Boston, was recently called "The Success Story Of The Year" by Marijuana Venture. This title did not come easy and it has only recently become the success story that it is today.

The Journal of Professional Cannabis Growers and Retailers, Marijuana Venture, wrote a blog article featuring Pure Oasis and the struggles it has had to overcome in order to run at "full strength", according to co-owner of Pure Oasis Kevin Hart. Pure Oasis started in 2016 when co-owners Hart and Evans began the application process, without the assistance of attorneys or consultants. After all their hard work to finally reach the launch date, the opening of their Boston cannabis store was on May 31st 2020, just 2 weeks before the global pandemic forced Boston retailers to be closed for nearly 2 months. Making it through the government shut down, just 6 days after reopening their doors, Pure Oasis was vandalized and looted for more than $100,000 dollars worth of cannabis products. This did not stop Hart and Evans from continuing their venture. The store was open within 9 hours of being robbed and ready for customers to come inside their shop. Hart added, "That was our stance -- that we would persevere, that we are resilient."

Pure Oasis has taken that attitude of resilience and overcome so much to become the first in many categories of their field. Pure Oasis is the first recreational marijuana store to open in the state of Boston. It is the first business to open through the state's social equity program. It is also the first Black-owned, adult-use cannabis store to open on the East Coast. After all of their trials and tribulations, Pure Oasis is now in full swing. It is working with dozens of vendors and has around 100 different products available daily. You can visit Pure Oasis at 430 Blue Hill Avenue Boston, MA 02121 or visit their website at

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About Pure Oasis

With this new website design, the dispensary offers information regarding their full list of products and prices at that tie. Pure Oasis offers a full list of cannabis products including flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, accessories, and more.


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Pure Oasis
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