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Virginia Beach Real Estate Agent Educates On Real Estate Listing AgentsFeatured PR

The Katie Zarpas Group, a Virginia Beach real estate company, recently released a blog discussing the responsibilities of a real estate listings agent.
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States ( 25/08/2020
A Virginia Beach real estate agent at the Katie Zarpas Group recently released a new informational resource on its website that focuses on educating homeowners on the different responsibilities of real estate listing agents. The article was designed to help homeowners better understand what to expect from their listing agent and how professional listing agents perform their job. The team at Katie's real estate agency guides the information in the article so that it can be used as a consumer resource for homeowners who want to know more about listing agents and how they help with the selling process.

The Katie Zarpas Group highlights some very useful information in the article that is important for homeowners to understand when hiring a new listing agent. For example, they explain how in-depth research and an understanding of the local market are important traits of successful listing agents and how this can be a big factor in bringing on the proper listing agent for your property. The real estate agents at the agency are proud to offer the highest level of listing services that can ensure your property is sold in a timely manner without sacrificing any value.

While this new article focuses on helping homeowners understand how listing agents can assist them in the selling process, their website also offers information regarding their experience, service offerings, and what sets them apart as a listing agent service. The Katie Zarpas Group specializes in real estate listings in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads areas and understands the local market better than anyone. They offer insights into local market trends and can assist with both buying and selling property in the area.

This new addition to the real estate agency's informational resources focuses on helping explain the responsibilities of listing agents and can help homeowners know what to look for when searching for the perfect fit. For more information, contact The Katie Zarpas Group at 757-500-5596 or visit their website at Their offices are located at 800 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.


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