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Virginia Beach Real Estate Agency Educates On How To Buy A Beach HouseFeatured PR

Katie Zarpas Group, a Virginia Beach Real Estate Company, recently released a blog on how to buy a beach house.
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States ( 25/04/2020
Katie Zarpas Group, a Virginia Beach Real Estate Agency, recently released a blog on how to buy a beach house. There are different factors to consider when buying a beach house versus a typical residential establishment.

Buying a beach house is seen primarily as a good return on investment and serves as a great getaway. However, buying one is vastly different from buying a simple residential property. There are certain factors that need to be considered in order for your beach house to bring you only pleasure and no stress or costly bills. The first main elements to consider are the insurance rates and borrowing costs that could land you a massive headache.

Some questions you should ask your real estate agent is if the potential beach home is on a flood plain or not. This could lead to flooding into your home leading to costly water damage to the property. The main goal for your beach house is to make it rentable if you are not using it and having excess water damage on the exterior and interior could prevent you from this. This will then lead you to consider if you need additional insurance for your home since the property is more prone to be at risk for damage. Another major factor to consider is whether the coastal laws allow you to rebuild your home if mother nature causes serious damage from high tides, hurricanes, and wind damage. Once these factors are taken care of, you can look into renting your property out to other vacationers and fully enjoying it yourself. For more guidance, it is urged to speak with a real estate agent that especially knows about beach houses extensively.

Contact Katie Zarpas Group for more information about beach house real estate and for help on how to buy one effectively. Katie Zarpas has won several awards over the course of her career in recognition of her skills. She specializes in transactions in the Virginia Beach area and can be contacted at 757-500-5596 or online at Her office is located at 800 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.


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