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Marketing Agency for Restaurants is Launching in Canada (October 2018)Featured PR

Just Get'er Done Marketing in Toronto is excited to announce its partnership with Premium Agency Group (PAG, based in Chile) to uplevel customer acquisition for restaurants in Canada using PAG's specific
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada ( 10/10/2018
With over 700 Restaurants on board, the world's most successful Marketing Agency for Restaurants is LAUNCHING in Canada (October 2018)

The agency, Premium Agency Group, was born in 2014 in Argentina with the mission to change the old invasive way of doing marketing for a new and more effective way that has the customers and users experience as the principal objective...

"The market is saturated of advertising, people are exposed to over 100,000 different ads every single day, the new currency is attention and the only way to get attention is to give a relevant experience to your target market" Adrian Eduardo - CEO

This disruptive view is part of a new world-wide movement that the most successful marketers in the world are using to change the industry forever, and Premium Agency Group is bringing this to the Restaurant and Real Estate Market

By the end of the 2015, the agency was successfully working with more than 50 restaurants in Argentina and started to have their first clients in Chile. The success of the Restaurants was so big that 1 out of every 3 clients opened a 2ND location within the first 6 months working with the agency...

With a team of 11 full time staff and over 50 contractors, the Agency started to expand in Chile and México and by 2017 over 400 Restaurants were successfully promoting the business in social media, building raving fans and growing at rates never seen before...

"We are one of the very few Agencies, if not the only one, that works towards specific measurable growth, we don't sell likes (likes don't pay the bills) we sell growth and we take leverage of social media and smart digital automation to give a new level of exposure to our clients, but most important: control and predictability so they know exactly what to do to have their businesses at full capacity every single day, at any given time... and the results speak for themselves..." Adrian Eduardo CEO

In 2018 with over 700 restaurants on board and growing every single day, Premium Agency Group is launching in Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, Spain and USA with the mission to double the business of 2,000 restaurants by 2019 as part of the Goal of 100 locations by 2025...

If you own a RESTAURANT, it is worth taking a look at the website with a lot of resources to start implementing in your business immediately!

For more information about Premium Agency in Canada, contact: Hanna Guerra, Partner and Country Manager (Canada) at or 1-866-384-4469, ext 2#


About Premium Agency Group (Canada)

We are a Marketing Agency for Restaurants that successfully delivers again and again in Chile, Mexico, Argentina -- and, now have expanded to Canada, United States, Singapore -- as well as other countries! Our goal is to change the old and invasive way of marketing products and services for a new VALUE-BASED and RESULT-ORIENTED system, which focuses first and foremost on the visitor and client experience.


Hanna Guerra
Premium Agency Group (Canada)
92 Lakeshore Road East, Ste 225
Zipcode : L5G 4S2