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FinTech Connect - A Global Network launches for the Financial Technology Community

First international body to connect entrepreneurs, investors and institutions.
London, England, United Kingdom ( 11/12/2014
London, England, December 11, 2014 -- FinTech Connect has been officially unveiled as the single community platform for financial technology professionals globally. Free to join, it is a membership network built around 3 key pillars: An open, online peer to peer messaging system, original content and insights, and FinTech Connect Live. The messaging system allows members to look up and contact others who share mutual interests and objectives via a simple profiling and search facility. Original content and insights include the monthly Start-up Spotlight feature – a deep dive profile into very latest start-up innovations, and the regular 5 Golden Rules segment, which in partnership with CCgroup, tackles the challenges that FinTech entrepreneurs face as they look to launch, grow or sell their business. Lastly a series of live events, FinTech Connect Live, gives the community physical meeting places to cement and build upon the relationships initiated in the online Connections Hub.

Innovation in financial technology is taking place all over the World; from London to Sydney, Tel Aviv to San Francisco, but to date there has been no international body established to facilitate dialogues and promote development across all territories. The initiative seeks to bring together the FinTech community in both on- and offline environments. Investors, entrepreneurs and financial institutions can all be connected with each other while solution providers can use the site to engage with and educate their prospective customers.

FinTech Connect Member Jennifer Costley said “I applaud this initiative and think it provides a valuable service to the community. It is a bit ironic that at present, the only way for the stakeholders in this space to get together are through face-to-face meet ups. I don’t want to diminish the value of those but I have a stack of business cards that I’ve collected from them with no way to make ongoing connections except via email or the equivalent. Having the community online in one hub is a great step forward.”

According to Founder and Managing Director, Steve Clarke the potential benefits are clear, “We don’t just aim to bring you the latest FinTech news, but actually to connect you with the people who are making it. Initiatives in this space tend to focus on micro-communities; particular geographies, sub sectors, accelerator programs or meet-up groups. FinTech Connect aims to blow the financial technology eco- system wide open, connecting innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts from every part of the World.”

About FinTech Connect Ltd:
FinTech Connect Ltd is a global network like no other, it is purely dedicated to providing a dynamic online meeting place and ‘bleeding edge’ events for the World’s burgeoning financial technology communities.

FinTech Connect events are not the stuffy types where people sit in rows clapping politely at the end of the presentations, but the sort that get real questions answered and provide genuine opportunities for constant interaction and debate. Positioned at the cross section between financial institutions, tech providers, investors and regulators, FinTech Connect is perfectly placed to connect global stakeholders from across increasingly convergent markets.

An entrepreneurial approach to community building perfectly meets the needs of the dynamic financial futurists who acknowledge that collaboration is the key to true innovation.

Led by a management team of FinTech enthusiasts, with many years’ experience successfully launching large scale banking, payments and tech events and building huge networks and brands, FinTech Connects’ innovative approach to community building supports the efforts of financial market stakeholders around the World.

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