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Jeffrey Tognetti launches new Cutting-edge Digital Marketing WebsiteFeatured PR

Jeffrey Tognetti is a major strategist and digital marketer who has recently launched a new online marketing website promising cutting-edge solutions like data-driven marketing, responsive sites, PPC, Web analytics etc.
Garland, TX, United States of America ( 24/11/2013
Leading strategist & digital marketer, Jeffrey Tognetti has reportedly launched a new digital marketing website. The latest site entitled as has promised state of the art online marketing solutions.

Tognetti's new site which became official since August 2013 is a culmination of all the sites launched by the seasoned strategist. It's primarily focused to help the auto dealers in enhancing their sales at low cost- but caters to other agencies as well in need on effective digital marketing. The NJ strategist is backed by more than a decade of experience in virtual marketing and has been in news for his strong adherence to advanced marketing trends.

The website focuses on a diverse suite of edgy online marketing solutions devised by Tognetti. Their inclination towards a data driven marketing would support their clients with optimum information on their customer behavior.

"As more and more shoppers cling to internet it becomes vital that you keep track on your target's activities and behavior online. If your online portal cannot offer that detailed approach, you won't be able to predict your actual status or progress", commented the manager emphasizing on the significance of a data-driven online presence.

When it comes to the other marketing strategies from, the company reported of responsive websites. Responsive websites are those websites that ensure a compatible and proportionate appearance of the client's site across any size of mobile devices- including the trendy smartphone, tablet and the conventional computer & laptop.

"We are offering premium PPC service that will get you the desired top visibility on all leading search engines including Bing and Google. Then, we have our customized keyword call track service that ensures best possible and rightly targeted keyword finds for you. Moreover, we will support you with constant performance report on your website through Web Analytics assistance", said Tognetti's spokesperson.

Besides being a successful digital marketer, this esteemed NJ strategist is also renowned for his several charity works- Fair Wear Foundation is one of the beneficiaries of Tognetti's philanthropist measures.

About Jeffrey Tognetti: Jeffrey Tognetti is a seasoned strategist and digital marketer who is focused on cutting edge digital marketing solutions like effective PPC, data-driven marketing, responsive websites etc. that can enhance sales at lower costs

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About Jeffrey Tognetti

Jeffrey Tognetti is a experienced sales and marketing professional and a strategist for two of his boutique start ups Dealer X and MediaRevo. He has helped to grow the business from a two person start up to an established company. He is also well known for his philanthropic jobs having supported several charities. To know more, visit,


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