Why People Love To Be a Part

Of SARDNEWS - The Ward of Pride?

Nobody wants anybody who is an exact copy of somebody in the digital existence. Would YOU? No! Nor do we! And that's why we are unique & irreplaceable in our exemplary ways in delivering YOUR high quality Press Releases to the digital world on time & on demand!

We've been winning hearts since inception and we are proud to say that we still receive rain of accolades from our prospective clients through whom we are made known to others. Our Process:

Broader Reach
Higher Traffic
Bigger Impact

Broader Reach

through social and news signals

Sardnews ensures the timely delivery of your news to be spread out on the broader spectrum of every four dimensions of the world; North, South, East, and West. We channelize the social signals and other news signals and strategize insightful plans for maximum visibility by reaching more and more number of ardent readers world-wide. We bring you everything right under one roof for your complete satisfaction and needs.

Broaden Your Reach
Drive Higher Traffic

Higher Traffic

driven to your business portal

Having start-up a new company or running low on visitors and apparently dropping in growth, the best and the most cost-effective solution to bring in amplified number of real audience is possible through delivering high quality Press Releases; thereby 100% growth is achieved. The impacts of buzz created by Press Releases are very overwhelming and it completely cuts the advertisements costs assured with real results.

Bigger Impact

by converting the right prospects

A cube cannot fit in on a circular slot. Can it? Apparently, No! Everything has its own destination and to find the right on is the most challenging aspect of media coverage. Unless the Press Releases reach the right audience, there is never going to be any bigger impact in the success factor of your business. We won't let any of your efforts wane away; rather we streamline our strategies in delivering maximum coverage.

Superior Targeted Audience

Want maximum Media Coverage?