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The Royal Lahaina Resort Unveils Updated SiteFeatured PR

The Royal Lahaina Resort recently completed a relaunch of their site, The new site has made numerous improvements upon the previous one.
Lahaina, Hawaii, United States ( 14/07/2015
The Royal Lahaina Resort recently completed a relaunch of their site, The new site has made numerous improvements upon the previous one. The relaunched site will provide the employees at The Royal Lahaina Resort, as well the site’s visitors, with an easier to navigate and more dynamic website. The goal of the relaunch was to create a website that from the ground up was welcoming and vibrant. It was also important that the site be easier and more meaningful to interact with.

In an aesthetic sense the site has been completely revamped. For one, it features new images and an entirely different design philosophy. The redesigned site features a slideshow composed of large, high resolution images which shows the resort off from various angles--including aerial shots. But while an improved appearance was foremost among the goals of the redesign, improvements to the site's functionality were key as well. That's why directly beneath the slideshow, visitors will find a unique entry field where they can immediately begin to book their stay at the resort.

In addition to improved design elements, visitors to the site will be able to engage with a greatly enhanced format which provides numerous entry ways for them to connect with content of their choosing. The Royal Lahaina Resort has always highlighted its ability to provide unique and accommodating experience to their guests. This ability manifests itself in the form of flexible and competitive pricing included in the bevy of Maui family vacation packages that they offer. Now the site's different entry points will also fast track visitors to take advantage of these deals and packages which are the most advantageous for them. Which means that if you’re looking for a suitable Maui honeymoon resort you need to look no further than The Royal Lahaina.

About the Royal Lahaina Resort

The Royal Lahaina Resort is located on the finest stretch of famed Kaanapali Beach, a perfect spot for Maui oceanfront weddings. The resort is world renowned for its traditional Hawaiian ambiance and top-tier service. They focus on graciously sharing Hawaii's Aloha Spirit and doing everything possible to help their guests create life-long memories.

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Royal Lahaina Resort

2780 Kekaa Drive Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761



About The Royal Lahaina Resort

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The Royal Lahaina Resort
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